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Examples of 3D games for WINDOWS operating systems on GLScene 32 / 64 bits

The engine of any game consists of many and often independent parts: collision control, physical model, game interface, main menu, loading levels, etc.
There are specific parts that are needed only for some genre. For example, the weather phenomena module is important and needed in the simulator, but in strategy it is secondary or not needed at all, and in a football simulator the shots module is useless. But a few dozen are often present in any game.
Try to create your own computer game at a high level.

Все для студента
Ready-made examples of WEB sites HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Paint.

Many sites today are created with the help of designers. On this page you will not find ready-made sites on the constructor because all the examples are self-written and created using an ordinary notepad and the paint program. The use of PHP, Javascript and
CSS, HTML, graphic editor Paint.
To understand what you want to make a website on, you need to delve into the essence and understand how sites are created, what functions are performed at the same time. By writing the site code manually, the programmer creates a data warehouse, a directory structure, classes for working with data and queries, variables, basic controllers and many other elements.

The site is on the contsrutor: you do not need to know HTML, JavaScript, or PHP. You can simply upload photos and pictures, write text. But many blocks, parameters cannot be changed, because the site is made according to a template.
Все для студента
Programs for creating programs on a windows computer

If you have ideas for creating applications and you are looking for software that can implement your plans, then you need to choose the direction:

- A professional set of tools that requires knowledge of programming languages.

- Software that allows you to quickly master all the functionality even for inexperienced users to create the first simple program without the need for long-term training.

Basic, C++, Pascal, Python, Visual Basic




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