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3D Viewer for WINDOWS 32 / 64 bit operating systems

Program for viewing 3D models format: 3ds, smd, md2, md3, md5. It loads quickly and has a simple interface.

3D Viewer allows you to view 3D models with lighting controls, check model data, and visualize various shading modes. In mixed reality mode, combine digital and physical. Push the boundaries of reality and capture it all with a video or photo to share.

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Email Sock - the program for sending letters

A program for sending emails to the email of your customers, subscribers. Uploading any number of addresses, checking for correctness, editing, saving the database. There are several versions of the program: Demo, Socks 32/64 and Socks Artificial Intelligence version. In the Socks 32/64 version, it is possible to send emails both in text format and in HTML, in the AI version, you can attach image files, archives, and edit the address list.

Electronic mailing of letters shows its effectiveness.

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ADO Phone Directory

The directory is a list of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory.

The program is written using libraries and a database from Microsoft.
The function of adding an entry to the end of a line, delete an entry of any line when selected, communication with the database occurs directly.

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Web Browser

Application software for viewing pages, the contents of web documents, computer files and their directories; managing web applications; as well as for solving other tasks.

On the global web, browsers are used to query, process, manipulate and display the content of websites.

The program is equipped with a browser module with functions: Reading text and image links. Extracting text from a document Replacing a drawing in a document printing, saving and reading a document.
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HTML, JavaScript Editor

A web page source code editor that supports the HTML markup language. With JavaScript support.

HTML editors are specialized software, which means they provide a number of facilities for writing HTML markup. For example, substitution or whole page templates, syntax highlighting. WYSIWYG branches can work as a website builder. Each editor is exclusive and has a number of its own features, advantages and disadvantages.
Try to create your own web page in the WebJS editor.





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