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Все для студента Example of the game Svake II operating system, WINDOWS 7,

The engine of any game consists of many and often independent parts: collision control, physical model, game interface, main menu, loading levels, etc.
There are specific parts that are needed only for some genre. For example, the weather phenomena module is important and needed in the simulator, but in strategy it is secondary or not needed at all, and in a football simulator the shots module is useless. But a few dozen are often present in any game.
Try to create your own computer game at a high level.

Все для студента Example of the game Svake operating system, WINDOWS XP,2000,7

Classic passing game, 5 difficulty levels. This example shows the animation of the actors, the primitive movement of the character and objects.

Low CPU load and minimal graphics requirements, the levels in the game are loaded immediately and the transition to the next level depends on the location of the actor at the finish point.

You can download the game from the links below...
Все для студента Example of the game WAR 3D operating system, WINDOWS XP,2000,7

The cosmos, the great and the unknown, is where we can endlessly fly through the stars, fly past planets, and perhaps even find other forms of life. In this game, we are going to the planet Mars to clear it of space criminals.

This example shows the particle effect, the change and movement of the camera, the change of the background, the primitive mechanics of shooting is implemented. 3D menu.

You can download the game from the links below...




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